COVID Infection Rates in Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists have had a surprisingly low Covid infection rate. This can be attributed to their hygiene protocols already in place, while keeping themselves out of harms way from whatever their patients might be carrying around.

But when it comes to how dental hygienists’ protocols already implement their own safety, the consensus has become that the risk is low. Unless you are in an oral surgery practice or work with certain patients (HIV positive for example), there is no need to be overly concerned.

Bacteria in dental office air was tested in 2004 and has stayed around the same levels even in 2021. What a shock, with a global pandemic making it’s way into the most personal parts of our lives, it is not strong enough to force its way through the barriers dental offices put in place for both their own safety and the safety of their patients.

The CDC reports that 20 million more people became infected with HIV in the years between 2005 and 2014. This staggering number is only expected to get worse over time. The president of the United States has created a new office dedicated solely to ending this disease with appointments being made each month so far with no signs of stopping.

But let’s talk more about what’s relevant to dentistry. What can we take from the dental world and implement into our own lives to see a difference in our health, sickness levels, and hygiene protocols to better out lives all around? What can be done at the dental office to improve immune defense systems and keep us healthier, longer?

Basic components of infectious disease defense are a strong humoral immunity system. We want this innate system working for us as hard as it can to fight off any bacteria or viruses that come into contact with our body. You may have heard the term: “get vaccinated” but in reality what should be spread is “get healthy, increase your natural immunity, and let your body do the fighting.”

What are some common things that dentists should take into consideration to increase their patients’ immunity? The first one is hygiene. Try to use sterile, disposable equipment for each patient. An example of this would be the disposable chair-side aids that are used during treatment. When you sterilize these tools through an autoclave after every single treatment, you get a system set up for success. The second thing is limiting the number of patients per day. By increasing your immune system, you are also increasing your “bed side manner.”

Another thing to keep in mind with increased immunity is proper nutrition. Fruits and vegetables help boost immunity as well as minimize inflammation in the body. Drinking green tea helps increase antioxidants which combat reactive oxygen species. Doing these things daily, including getting some exercise whether it’s a walk outside or a trip to the gym, will relieve your body’s hard work and start leaning on your help to achieve a decent level of health.

If you are experiencing symptoms of hypervigilance, paranoia, anxiety, nervousness, etc. it is recommended that you seek your doctor or a therapist to help sort out these issues. The goal here is not to fight the “power” but learn how to control it and make its effects positive in your life.

An Overview of Dentistry During Covid

During the pandemic, there are many businesses that have shut down. This is inferior to Covid 19 and its ability to harm people that contract this virus. It has become much more contagious, prompting many businesses such as dental practices to consider whether or not it is safe to offer their services. That being said, people still need to resolve dental issues that may be causing them pain. It is, for this reason, they will risk going out in public and seeking out the help of the local dental group. Here is an overview of dentistry during Covid and whether or not it is a good idea to see your local dentist.

Why Covid Is So Dangerous

Based upon the reports that have been provided by the CDC, it is a virus that can transfer through the air. Therefore, it is very contagious. That is why you will see so many people wearing a mask in order to prevent inhaling what could be the deadly virus. There are some people that will also consider getting vaccinated. Although there are some that are waiting to see if improvements can be made on the vaccine before getting it, many people will be vaccinated month after month. Whether your dentist is vaccinated, or if you are, there are ways to still protect yourself if you need dental work done.

How To Protect Yourself Against Covid

There are several ways that you can protect yourself against Covid as it spreads. The most obvious way is by using a mask. Another way is to get vaccinated which can help prevent you from being a carrier of the disease, as well as prevent you from becoming extremely sick. However, when you go to a dental office, you cannot wear a mask. You have to trust that the people that are in the dental office with you are not infected. There is also the viewpoint of the dentist that is providing you with their services. Every dentist will wear a protective mask when they are providing you with their services. Therefore, it is relatively safe to see a local dentist, especially if you are suffering with dental problems that need immediate attention.

How Dentists Protect Their Patients From Covid

The easiest way for a dentist to protect the people coming in for their services is to always have a mask on. There is little else that a dentist can do. Considering that almost every dentist is going to wear a mask when performing any type of dental work, every patient that comes in is going to be very safe. The standard practice of dentists around the world is the perfect solution for protecting the people that rely upon their services.

Although dentistry during Covid could be problematic, dentists are well aware of what is happening. Even if they have chosen not to get the vaccine, they will wear a mask as it is part of the work that they do every day. Therefore, if you are suffering from toothaches, or if you need dental surgery, you can feel confident about visiting your local dental practice. They are always doing their best to protect everyone around them, and that will include both new and existing patients.

Types of Hygienic Gloves During Covid

There is a huge surge in the use of hygienic gloves to protect people from the Covid-19 pandemic. Disposable gloves help keep the coronavirus from touching the skin and protecting your health and well-being in the process. With different types of hygienic gloves in the market today, choosing the right type of gloves to protect yourself and your family can be a problem. This article provides information on the different types of hygienic gloves on the market to help you choose the right type of gloves to protect yourself and your family during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are the current industry standard product in the healthcare sector. They are made from natural rubber extracted from the sap of the rubber tree and provide a great barrier against germs and contaminants. These gloves are also an excellent fit for the hand. But some people are allergic to latex products, and you should be aware of this fact before opting for latex hygienic gloves to protect yourself from the coronavirus.

Poly Gloves

Poly gloves are some of the most economical products on the market today for Covid-19. They are an inexpensive solution in the disposable gloves industry. Poly gloves come in different fit options and are powder and latex-free. You need to check which product is most suitable for you before buying poly gloves. Poly gloves are ideal for people who may have latex and rubber allergies.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl disposable gloves are ideal for wearing for short durations. They are considered the most cost-effective alternative to latex hygienic gloves. In fact, vinyl gloves offer great resistance against germs and other contaminants. These gloves are made from PVC resin material while some products are lightly powdered with cornstarch to make it easier to put on the gloves.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves offer the most protection since they are some of the strongest disposable gloves on the market today. Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic nitrile rubber polymers and are tear-resistant and durable compared to other hygienic gloves on the market. They are latex-free and don’t cause any skin allergies in the process.

There are many things to consider when shopping for the best hygienic gloves for Covid-19. The material, quality, fit, cost, protection, and comfort are some of the most important factors to consider. The aforementioned article provides information on the different types of hygienic gloves on the market to help you choose the right type of gloves to protect yourself and your family during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What You Should Know About Hygiene in Dental Offices

If you do need to visit the dentist soon, you are obviously going to be concerned with the hygiene in dental offices. This is not the hygiene relative to your mouth for your teeth, but what you will experience when you are at the dental office for extended periods of time. We are currently in the midst of the pandemic. As a result of that, it is possible that these dental offices could be contaminated. This will be due to the people that work there and the other individuals that will need to use their services. It is this consideration that many people make, even when going to a local doctor as they will be concerned about how cleanly it will be. Here is an overview of what you can expect when you go to a dental office and what level of hygiene you should experience.

Why Hygiene Is Important In A Dental Office

When you are having dental work done, your mouth is perpetually open for extended periods of time. During this time, you will be breathing the air that is all around you, while the dentist is going to have a mask on. This is something that cannot be avoided. Even if you are wearing a mask regularly due to the pandemic, it’s a time where you will not be protected. Therefore, the air inside of the room, and other factors must be considered, if you decide to use a local dentist.

Questions To Ask Your Local Dentist

In regard to hygiene and the pandemic, you need to know a couple of bits of information to feel secure about your decision to use their services. First of all, you should ask if anyone in the dental office has been tested for Covid 19 recently and if anyone there is currently infected. Next, you need to know that they are wearing a mask regularly. This is not only when they are working on you, but also the people in the facility that will be breathing the air for hours. You need to know if there is an air filtration system that could be helpful in maintaining hygiene in the very air that you will be breathing.

Is It Safe To Go To A Dentist Today?

In general, it is always safe to go to a dental office. They are doing their best to maintain the cleanliness of their facility. When they are working on your teeth, they will always wear gloves and a mask so you will be protected from them even if you are infected. If they do have a way of filtering the air, and people are also masking up, then you can feel safe about that environment. By gathering all of this information you can feel secure in your decision in choosing one of your local dental groups.

A dentist will always try to provide the safest and best environment for the people that trust their services. If you are going to have a root canal, or a cavity fixed, you need to know that you will be safe. Having your mouth open for that long, breathing what could be contaminated air, is a worry that many people have today. By asking these questions, you will know that you are choosing the right dental practice to offer you the dental services that you need.